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Orsa Järn & Design, Smith art workshop

Orsa Konstsmide Dalarna
Blacksmith, ironwork, forge tools and Forging Courses.
Classic Ironforging as it should be
in a smithy in Dalarna.
Opening hours:
Weekdays 12.00-16.00.

The internetshop and customer serviceare usually open.

(GPS 61.1297 N, 14.6353 E),  171 m.

Orsa Järn & Design startades 2003 och tillverkar, järnsmide & vikingasmycken.

"Orsa Järn & Design" was founded in 2003 and manufactures forged iron and Viking jewelery. Supplier of forging tools and forging machines. The classic blacksmith work in the forge is divided over the year in different seasons. Ironwork, candlesticks and giftware during the winter season and special orders, renovations and building preservation during summer. Distributed over the year different Forging Courses take place.

"It's wonderful to see how a piece of iron is formed under heating and slowly turns into a beautiful work of art. I hope this shows in th quality of my products. "

Orsa Järn & Design

Address : Jämt Annas Väg 2,
79432  Orsa

Telephone :+46 (0)70-282 04 50
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