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Fryksås Hantverksbod
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Fryksås Fäbod
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Skräddar-Djurberga fäbod

Fryksås Hantverksbod, Handicraft shop

Fryksås hantverk
Handicrafts, gifts and decorative furnishing

Crafts to use, wear or as a pleasure for the eye
Opening times: open seasonally,
please visit our website or Facebook!
Experience something different! Opportunity for small groups, 3-8 people to try to work with glass! See our website for information (link below).

A unique small shop in a rustic Dalarna style with crafts from Fryksås - an ancient summer pasture - and surroundings. (GPS 61.1934 N, 14.5337 E),  468 m.

The Fryksås handicraft shop is located 12 km north from Orsa, 2 km west of Grönklitt besides the entrance to the Fryksås hotel in the magnificent countryside of Dalarna. Here you can experience an impressive view over Siljan.
 is a summer pasture dating from the 1500s.

This is an inspiring environment for traditional crafts. About 18 local artisans offer their art for sale here.

Fryksås Hantverksbod

Address : Fryksås
79490  Fryksås, Orsa municipality

Telephonen :+46 (0)70-282 04 50