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Helvetesfallet and Storstupet


Helvetesfallet and Storstupet waterfalls, trips in the Orsa forests

The river "Ämån" has its source at the border to Härjedalen and flows about 10 km northeast of Orsa, near Fredshammar, in the larger river Oreälven, which then flows into the lake Orsasjön. On his 40km run from Ämåsjön in the north to Fredshammar the river forms some spectacular rapids and waterfalls. The most famous are located approximately 20 km north from Orsa, between Ämådalen and Fredshammar and are called Helvetesfallet (Hells falls) and Storstupet (Big elevation).

Helvetesfallet (GPS 61.2520 N, 14.7676 E),  300m.
Here the Ämån has cut deep into the rock and thunders as a waterfall between 30m high cliffs to the valley. Its canyon is covered with virgin forest which is the home of a variety of rare plants, fungi, larvae and moss.

Storstupet (GPS 61.2272 N, 14.7882 E),  248 m.
Here the Inlandsbanan (Inland Railway)crosses the river at 34m height. On the eastern side of the bridge, in the forest. an open shelter with a fireplace is located; ideal to take a break.

There are a lot of nice viewpoints that allow beautiful views of the canyon and the river. Due to loose rocks and steep mountain walls, climbing and walking is dangerous here. So be very careful and pay attention to your children!

In the 18th century the Ämån was used to raft timber from the forests higher up to the local sawmills. Remains of this rafting channel can still be seen today.

The "Siljansleden" trail leads directly through the Storstupet area and a shorter round trip trail (15km) connects Helvetesfallet, Storstupet and the summer pasture

Storstupet in the woods around Orsa

Seen from Orsa you can reach the waterfalls from two different directions. Either you drive from the E45 in Heden on to the 296 towards Voxna and taka a turn to the left at Kallholn following the signs, or easier it is to follow the E45 and 12 km north of Orsa take a turn to the right at Tallhed and follow the signs from the airfield.
The waterfalls are located about 20 km north from Orsa. Helvetesfallet is located about 5 km north of Storstupet. A trail leads from the parking lot at Helvetesfallet down to the river. Caution in humid conditions, it can be slippery!
A visit to the summer pasture  Skräddar-Djurberga  is a possible trip combination.

Nearby accommodations can be found on the beautifully situated,
former  summer pasture Tallhed.
Here you can not only stay and being cared for, but also experience various activities. These include whitewater kayaking on the above-mentioned rivers Ämån and Oreälven, paddling on calm waters or as a passenger on a gliding flight from the Tallhed airfield with a flight over the waterfalls, the magnificent forests and the lake Orsasjön.