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Pilkalampinoppi hill with fire tower

Pilkalampinoppi view

Pilkalampinoppi, a hill with a fire tower in the forests around Orsa.

Pilkalampinoppi (GPS 61.5903 N, 14.7406 E), 645 m.
Pilkalampinoppi is a 645 m high hill in Orsa Finnmark, located in the western parts of the municipality of Ljusdal in Gävleborg-County.
In 1889 Sweden's first fire tower was erected on top of this hill. The reason was a big fire in the year before, which destroyed 1900 hectares of forest.

After this disaster, the forest owners in Orsa made a quick decision to install an effective watchtower to protect their extensive forest holdings.
From 1890 these fire towers were occupied over the summer, until 1950, when fire watch by aviation took over.

You can visit the fire tower all year round as a tourist excursion. There also is a squat toilet, an intact well and benches and tables under the open sky.

Pilkalampinoppi fire tower

To get to Pilkalampinoppi, on the E45, about 20 km north of Noppikoski you turn westwards and follow this way about 10 km. At the end of the impasse, 200m below the summit a well-marked path goes up to the summit. This destination is about 65 km from Orsa (50 min by car).

The fire watchtower maintained by Orsa-Besparingsskog and is in a very good condition. The description of its historical significance can be found inside the tower.

As a possible completion of this excursion a hike to the Korpmägg in Korpimäki -Naturereserve, is recommended. This is the highest point in Gävleborg with 711 meters above sea level.