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Orsa Slipstensmuseum, Grindstone museum, in Mässbacken

Slipsten Museet

The Orsa Grindstone Museum shows the working conditions in earlier days in Dalarna.

Slipstenmuseum in Mässbacken (GPS 61.1829 N, 14.7506 E), 200 m.
The Orsa Grindstone Museum consists of a 2 km² pit area with adjacent museum building, a pit house, a hack building, a number of old mines (open pit) and equipment used withthe former production of grinding stones.
The actual museum building on the main road in Mässbacken includes all the old ideas that people linked to the grindstone production and shows the unprecedented importance that this had for hundreds of years for the population in Orsa.
Here you can admire old tools, photographs with texts, structured scenes of old production and life in a mine house, and finished worked on grindstones.

History Tour with role-playing
Our competent guides will take you on an adventurous hike with roleplaying of our professional actors.
The role play is full of warm, living characters from earlier times, when life was troublesome and difficult, but also filled with joy, humor and hope.
The historic hike reflects the real people of past eras. Their lives and their thoughts, their everyday life and feasts, the harsh conditions and their irrepressible joie de vivre.

Thematic days for children   (for children 6 - 10 years old)
The children can try out to be "miner kids" for one day. The experience begins in the "magic" Grindstone Museum. There they are welcommed by the Guide / "minermadame" SturKristi who takes them back to the year 1850.
The children can dress up in leather dresses and hats in coalminers style. They get ancient names they bear on a wooden panel around their necks and go to the Lindå-mine. There awaits them a few role players / miners and stonecutter Hans. The children learn the processing of stones and may even carve stones under the guidance of stonecutter Hans. Then SturKristi takes the children to the pit house and shows them how they carve their own mark in a potato and after that find their own marked wooden bowl and wooden spoon. Back in the Lindågrube the children can cook the potatoes and share a meal with potatoes, fried pork, butter and a little salt. Then the children can continue to work on their grindstones. Meanwhile they can hear stories about how the grindstone hewers formerly lived in the mine and their sales trips.
To laugh a lot and learn a lot of new skills makes the theme day a fantastic experience for our miners kids.

Orsa slipstensmuseum

Address : Gruvbacksvägen 2
79491  Mässbacken, Orsa municipality

Telephone :+46 (0)250-55 0255
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