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Fryksås Fäbod summer pasture

Fryksås fäbod summer pasture

Fryksås Fäbod summer pasture in Dalarna (GPS 61.1939 N, 14.5315 E),  471 m.

Fryksås Fäbod is well worth a visit. Fryksås is the oldest registered summer pasture in Dalarna. It dates from the 15th century and offers in addition to the original Dala-style housing also scenic views of Lake Siljan and its adjacent villages.
The 340km long 'Siljansleden' - a marked trail around the beautiful Lake Siljan - goes through Fryksås. Around Fryksås there are many smaller marked hiking trails in summertime and ski trails during winter.
You can stay in the Fryksås Fäbods Pensionat, at  ,
at  or in  .
In 2007    opened up in Fryksås.
Here products from local artists can be purchased.

View from Fryksås

The    offers daily lunch and dinner. Especially recommended
are the Belgian waffles with whipped cream, ice cream and fresh berries.
At    you can get smaller meals during the season.
Fryksås is located 13 km northwest of Orsa.

Fryksås Fäbod summer pasture

Address : Fryksås 100
79490  Fryksås, Orsa municipality

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