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Gammaldags marknad, Traditional market in Orsa

Orsa grönsaks-torghandel

(GPS 61.1198 N, 14.6191 E), 167 m.

Approximately 40 vendors selling local food and products of traditional crafts. They have their stands between the grindstone-monument and the Orsa church.

In the market area you can also take tours by horse, visit a mini farm, experience a story time at the library or the kids can even try out some circus arts.

There are a whole lot of products from the region to admire:
• crafts made of fabric, iron or wood
• vegetables • bread • fish • honey
• beverages • milk • crispbread
• flowers • jam • mushrooms • pickled vegetables
• smoked Meat • blue cheese • hard cheese
• farm butter • goat cheese and more

Between Slipstenstorget and the ChurchKung Gustafs vägOrsa Dalarna