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Welcome to Spa Celebration in Stackmora!

Spa Celebration relax
(GPS 61.1325 N, 14.6869 E), 252 möh.

We offer a dayspa, five kilometers east of Orsa, for private or corporate groups of up to 12 people. We have traditional Japanese baths, swimming pool, shower, steam room and a relaxation area. The 33 ° C warm pool is balm for body and soul.
The water is almost chlorine-free and is monitored by the health department. The pool is beautifully lit and a jet stream you massages the tired joints and muscles. On special floats you can relax to underwater music.

Spa Celebration pool

A wood-fired hot tub on the outside can be booked too. This is tub is heated to 38-40 ° C and can accommodate up to 10 people. Also a cozy barbecue hut is available for those who want to grill.

Spa Celebration

Address : Turistvägen 504 B
79493  Orsa Dalarna

Telephone :+46(0)250-55 20 20