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Hembygdsgård Orsa-Skattunge

Hembygdsgården Orsa heritage old buildings

Nearly every Swedish village has its "Hembygdsgård" where one can experience and enjoy local heritage. This is usually the oldest and most traditional farm in the village and is often jointly maintained and sometimes even serves as a museum. Even Orsa has a particularly beautiful and stylish place with many houses from bygone times. Here, the spirit of the past is preserved and you get an idea of what a farm in this area looked like a few hundred years ago. In this case, the log cabins of various old farms from the villages around Orsa have been collected, rebuilt and kept in Orsa "Hembygdsgård".

On old farms many buildings were needed - one for each application. That's why there is a house, a stable, a barn, a loft and a few small storehouses. The buildings are from the 16th to the 18th century. The house, which we call "old stuga", is "newly" built and dates from 1921.

Hembygdsgården Orsa-Skattunge heritage activity

There is also a smithy, a bakery, a drying house, a mill, a hayloft and much more. Also, a lot of old equipment can be admired, such as carts and sledges that once were used on a farm in Orsa.

Hembygdsgården Orsa-Skattunge heritage music

Come and learn more about living in Orsa! The "Orsa-Skattunge Hembygdsförening" manages the area and offers a lot of courses, activities and events.

The "Hembygdsgård" is easy to find because the parking area is about 700 meters from the main roundabout in Orsa, along the E45 southbound to Mora, on the left side.

 Orsa-Skattunge Hembygdsgård Heritage ,

Address : Trunnavägen 30
79433  Orsa Dalarna

Telephone :+46(0)250-40104