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Njut i Orsanaturen, Enjoy Nature in Orsa

Would you like to get more value for your stay in Orsa? Welcome on a tour in a small group! We offer guided walks, bike rides or cross-country skiing tours. Our tours combine natural and cultural experiences with physical activity. You get a lot of opportunities to learn something new, but sometimes it's also nice just to sit back and just listen to the peace and the quiet sounds of nature.

Some examples of our activities:
Flower walks (in Orsa, there are very many rare plants, such as: many species of orchids, sundew and a fantastic meadow flora), bicycle tours to nearby pastures, walk on Orsas highest mountain, the "Korpimäki", cross-country skiing tours in a prestine area, family adventure "Nature as a playground", mountain biking, bathing in a small forest lake. On certain days we have fixed arrangements, but you can contact us with your wishes.

Orsa skidåkning och natur

Njut i Orsanaturen

79430 Orsa Dalarna
Telephone :+46(0)70-305 05 24

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