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Bäckergården donkey riding tours

"Bäckergårdens Ridåsnor" offers riding tours on American mammoth donkeys and riding donkeys. The donkeys were imported in autumn 2016 from Texas (USA). The breed was originally bred to allow large, strong animals to transport heavy loads over longer distances.
On the "Bäckergården" today there are three mammoth donkeys and two normal American riding donkeys. The largest of them is "T-Rex" with the enormous shoulder height of 154 cm. In addition to the donkeys, the Icelandic horse "Gaupnir" lives on the farm too.

Summer riding tour on donkeys

A ride with us offers moments of harmony together with the good-natured donkeys. Forget all stress and let the animals and nature fill you with joy and warmth. You will be accompanied by the owner Annette, who will lead you through forests and fields to the most beautiful places of the beautiful nature around Orsa. The view over the Orsasee as a highlight of the tour will also enchant you.
We offer 1 or 2 hour tours with up to 4 guests per tour. Even children can ride under guidance. These children's riding tours take 30 minutes.
"Bäckergården donkey riding" looks forward to welcome you for a visit!

Mammuth donkeys

 Bäckergården donkey riding,   79430 Orsa Dalarna

Open for bookings on Saturdays and Sundays.
During weeknr. 29-32 open all days!
For inquiry and booking contact:
Annette Bäcker

Telephone :+46(0)70-656 44 97