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Landscape and nature in Orsa


The Landscape and nature in Orsa municipality are rich in variety. In the southern part of the municipality this is because of the meteorite impact millions of years ago, which, among other things, formed Siljansringen and Orsasjön.
Moreover, the impact caused much variation in soils, which in turn gave rise to a great biological diversity and a species richness of nature. The human impact in the southern part of the municipality with its small-scale agricultural landscapes, open spaces and views of the large lakes are more reminiscent to southern Sweden. By contrast, the northern part of the municipality with its fabled Orsa Finnmark, the barren landscape, the vast moors and dense forests have a very typical Nordic character.

So it's not surprising that Orsa is rich in nature reserves. Particularly noteworthy is the Lindänget bird sanctuary where 250 species can be observed from 500 registered in Sweden.

If you simply want to enjoy the landscape, you can take the "Turistvägen"-road, on the eastern side parallel to the E 45, and take delight in a wonderful view over the lake Orsasjön and the blueish looking mountains.

North of the lake Orsasjön lies Fryksås, the largest and oldest summer pasture of Orsa. Here you can still feel the atmosphere of the 15th century and has an incredibly view over the beautiful landscape around Siljan and lake Orsasjön.
Through Fryksås passes the 340 km long Siljansleden for hikers.


The Orsa Nature Conservation Association arranges excursions and lectures to which all are welcome. In addition, the association maintains many areas.

Guides can help you to discover the gems of nature on foot, bike or cross-country skis. Kristina Lillpers of "Njut i Orsanaturen" and Agneta Björkman lead small groups and show you much of what there is to discover in Orsa.