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Fryksås Hotell
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Café Bortom Åa
Orsa Kaffestuga

Restaurant Fryksås Hotell

Restaurant Fryksås Hotell in Orsa
Gourmet food on a summer
pasture - an experience

Opening times:
lunch 12:00 to 15:00,
a la carte 17:00 to 20:00 (21:00)
Coffee and wonderful views:
11:00 to 20:00
(GPS 61.1933 N, 14.5336 E), 468 m

The Fryksås hotell is well known for its great food. We offer a gourmet experience consisting of wild and specialties from the surrounding area. Our wine cellar is richly filled with the best wines to make the enjoyment perfect.
Our ingredients are sourced from selected suppliers that guarantee the best quality and natural taste.
The proximity to nature gives us the unique ability to process fresh products directly from it.
Our trained staff will take care of your and recommend next to the desired menu and the perfect wine from our extensive wine list.
Welcome to a good dinner in Fryksås hotell with stunning views over lake Orsasjön and Siljan!

Desert at Fryksås Hotell

Of course, both the hotel and restaurant are open daily and all year round.
Fryksås Hotell & Gestgifveri is included in the "White Guide 2013 '.
Welcome to Fryksås Hotell & Gestgifveri!

Restaurant Fryksås Hotell

Address : Fryksås,
79490 Orsa

Telephone :+46 (0)250-46 000