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Café Bortom Åa
Orsa Kaffestuga

Café Gammalgården in Fågelsjö

Cafe Bortom Åa Gammalgården Fågelsjö
(GPS 61.7962 N, 14.6353 E), 409 m

Fågelsjö is located in Orsa Finnmark, 90km north of Orsa, in the border area between Hälsingland, Dalarna and Härjedalen. The Europe route E 45 - Inlandsvägen - leads past about 3km from the village. The Inland Railway even has a stop in Fågelsjö. By car, the Inlandsbus or the Inland Railway you can easily reach Fågelsjö. The bus and the train stop at station "Fågelsjö", just 2.5 km from Fågelsjö Gammalgård / Kursgård The Café Bortom Åa is situated in the so-called Amerika house at Gammalgården. Here you can treat yourself to coffee and homemade bread. Even a tour of the Gammalgården "Bortom Åa" is offered. More information and pre-booking please contact: 0657 300 52nd

Café Gammalgården in Fågelsjö

Address : Fågelsjö
82050   Los

Telephone :+46 (0)657-300 52